Going Feral started from Mel McCree‘s Bristol Feral Choir becoming a cross-arts collaboration with other feral artists and facilitators, initially Itta Howie, now Lily Horseman and more we hope to follow. Here you can find out more about them, and below are links to fellow feral friends and family we think are worth knowing about.

Itta Howie is a movement artist and educator working in the context of health, wellbeing, creativity and performance. She follows an interdisciplinary approach, combining somatics, non-stylised movement and dance improvisation with various art forms. Her long-time favourite is exploring how body and mind relate to natural environments. In 2010 Itta completed her MA Choreography research at Dartington College of Arts exploring the use of performance to nurture mindful ecological awareness.

An ecological educator, writer and performer, Mel McCree explores processes of play, improvisation and interdependence. She’s worked as a creative outdoor practitioner in many residencies and projects, now completing a PhD on adult experiences of Forest School. She ran the UK’s first environmental theatre company Trolley Theatre (1997-2004) and holds an MA in Creative Writing (2007: Scriptwriting and Nature Writing). She is a qualified music therapist and
leads the improvising Bristol Feral Choir.

PortraitLily_webFor the 2013 Summer intensive in the Lake District Lily Horseman joins the team: Described by a wise person as ‘Lily who plays out for a living’, Lily takes an inspirational approach to working with children and adults out in the woods. Whether developing creative projects or training new Forest School practitioners she explores traditional crafts, outdoor living skills and individual growth with a playful glee.

Feral Friends and Family

prsmithPhil Smith, one of the founders of Wrights and Sites and the creator of Counter-Tourism, a very feral look at engaging with heritage sites. Mel and Phil share a passion in using walking, performance and words, as ways to disrupt, experience and view things anew.

Lottie Child, creator of Street Training, a way of embodied engaging with the urban Lottie street_traininglandscape. A clear ally of our Urban Feral Wing, especially when it comes to using improvisation and movement for liberationary purposes and lots of laughs. Check her vids on Youtube: here’s one for starters…