For the Feral Summer Unschool 2013

What is a feral approach and why are we using it?

For more information on our feralosophy, read here. The term feralism contains an approach to life, work and art that assumes that living in an industrialised world has tamed us into a narrower experience of our home in the natural world, with limitations to our quality of life, senses of place, power and humour!

Going feral allows us to untame ourselves and respond honestly and directly to the environments and groups we find ourselves in. It includes responding from our more playful side, the side that is a bit naughty or mischevious and plays with possibility. It includes considering our place in the world.

We cannot turn into wild indigenous beings overnight but we can liberate ourselves a little from our domestic day-to-day habits, locations and perceptions. We can situate ourselves in a more conscious relationship with what is around us and enjoy the adjustment.

I am not a practising artist. Is the Unschool appropriate for me?

Yes. We believe in the power of innate creativity in everyone. As your guides and participatory artists and educators, we resist labels and only ask that you follow your own intentions for the week. If you enjoy being creative, sociable and playing outdoors, you will get a lot from the experience.

I have a creative project I want to work on. Can I do this all week?

Yes. We hope that you can use the guided sessions to inform your practice and it may be that this brings new inspiration and approaches. You may also want to work in unexpected ways with others and see how this speaks to your project or practice.

I want to rest and have a break from my everyday life. Will I have to join in everything?

No. The Feral Summer Unschool is definitely not school. It is a holiday as well as a chance for ‘continuing professional development’ (CPD) and our definition of ‘development’ is very broad. There will be a balance of leisure time and guided sessions in the week to choose from.

How much time will we be outdoors?

We will spend the majority of our time outdoors, yet you are free to choose to spend your time as you wish.

What if it rains all week?

We will make cover and light fires. We will only cancel going outdoors on a day-to-day basis in the event of extreme weather, with alternative activities indoors. Weather is not predictable yet our approach is and we are experienced in working in all weathers.

Is there a mobile signal at Rookhow?

No. We want you to enjoy the time to switch off and connect with other things, like leaves, stars, songs, ideas, laughter and fires. There is a landline for emergencies and necessary calls. We will give guidelines for walking distances to mobile signals on arrival : )

Will I need to bring bedding if I’m staying in the dormitory?

Bring your own sleeping bag. Sheets, pillows and blankets are provided for £5.

Do you offer any bursaries?

We have made the week as affordable as we can. We are unable to offer funded places, yet we hold the intention that we may be able to fundraise for future Unschools to create this opportunity.

Can I split my payments?

We offer an option of split monthly payments yet the balance must be paid in full by 1st August 2013.

What concessions do you recognise?

We have a limited amount of concessionary places and these will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Full time students and unemployed people in receipt of full benefits are eligible for concessions. If you are an independent practitioner with a low income, remember you can offset the cost of the Unschool as an allowable tax expense as Continuing Professional Development.

Is the Unschool accredited?

The Unschool does not carry formal credits. We will issue certificates of attendance.

Please get in touch if you have further questions and help us add more useful information to this list.